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  Humanistic Educational In Practice

 The Forest School

  The Forest School is a small, alternate elementary school that is operated under the principles of

   humanistic education. Students are given a great deal of freedom, both in terms of their courses,
   and in terms of their daily living.
  In addition to typical academic courses, the curriculum emphasizes non-academic learning and

   regular out-of-class excursions.

  Forest School teachers, who live at the school with the stuents, are dedicated to their own personal

  and professional learning and participate in an ongoing self-study program, fusing educational

  theory with practice.          

  Download a brief introduction of the Forest School by clicking here

 Growth Programs

  In addition to the Forest School, the foundation runs several programs to promote human-centered

   education. These programs include parent education, teacher education, adolescent growth, and

  volunteer training.



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